Company information

FWA – Freedom & Wealth Architect – is a French SAS, registered under the name “The FWA Company”, registered on 17/04/19 at the Paris RCS (number 850 101 031). Its head office is located at 6 rue Jean Macé, 75011 Paris.

FWA is a platform for training and networking with different partners. Together, we provide the services needed for the different trainings.

Use of FWA services

About the details of the regulations corresponding to the use of our services, we invite you to refer to our Terms and Conditions. FWA focuses here on some key points:

  • When you sign up for a FWA service, you confirm to be an adult: no minor has the right to access to the services of the company
  • FWA does not guarantee in any case the results obtained through the use of the provided services
  • As such, FWA is released from any economic losses arising from the use of the contents or the provided services. Under no circumstances the FWA company can be held responsible for any economic damage.
    The company provides the services, the results obtained are those of the FWA’s client.
  • In case of dispute regarding unlawful conduct or conduct leading to illegality from any FWA’s client, the company undertakes to cooperate with the competent authorities by providing them with any necessary files or information.

To find out more, you can contact us by email via

FWA and trading

FWA is not in any way a broker or a financial investment service. The company does not manage any deposit of money aiming to be invested. For this purpose, FWA has trusted partners, brokers regulated by the competent national authorities, which can be found here.

FWA does not have any license on the financial markets. Its broker partners have the necessary licenses and thanks to partnerships with FWA, community members profit from financial markets in a regulated and legal manner.

The only money deposits sent by FWA customers to the company come from the sale of its services: subscriptions, training, trading Terminal, etc.

As a trading training platform, FWA is committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations on the financial markets, according to the relevant jurisdictions.

In France, the first country in which FWA markets its services, the company respects and applies the obligations imposed by the AMF (“Autorité des Marchés Financiers”). Upon simple request from the AMF, FWA undertakes to correct / withdraw the concerned service.

As such, here are the main recommendations of the AMF

Generally speaking, the AMF invites savers to apply vigilance rules before investing in:

  • No commercial speech should make one forget that there is no high return without high risk
  • Get information on companies or intermediaries who offer you a service (social identity, country where the head office is based, civil liability, organizational rules, etc.)
  • Only invest in what you understand
  • Ask yourself how the product is valued (purchase price or selling price), find out exactly how the product is resold and its characteristics, especially if the product is based on a class of slightly liquid assets

About the AMF:

The AMF is an independent public authority. It is responsible for protecting the savings invested in financial products, informing investors and ensuring the smooth functioning of the financial markets.

For more information, we invite you to visit the AMF website: You can also contact the AMF via their website.