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We, at FWA, are more than a company, we are foremost a community with at its core a vision and a new way to do business and accomplish a real financial freedom


We commit to train you in trading and to widen your horizons


With each of our services, you are guided by experts. Our partners supports us to bring you the best environment and the best trading tools.

Mutual aid

No matter what services you choose, your questions never go unanswered. Our experts and our community are at your disposal to help you move forward.


Our different services are accessible to all with huge financial advantages. Our contents are at your disposal anytime.


With FWA, you are in absolute control. Your rhythm is our rhythm. Manage your income and your time as you please. Your results only belong to you.

FWA makes financial markets accessible

Why pay thousands of euros when you can train and benefit from the best trading environment with access to professional and high-end services at a lower cost?

Our services are constantly improved to offer you the excellence.
3 years after the birth of FWA, we decided to expand our offers and to reduce our prices !

We evolve, our mission remains unchanged

Do you doubt it ? Try us !


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Here are some reviews of our customers:

FWA is a great trading community, where everyone is trying to achieve a common goal: financial freedom ! The contents are ultra-intuitive and there are innovative developments every month. The FWA teams are very dynamic and ambitious.

Victoria GuincheCommunity Member

After having tested many trainings, I recommend FWA which is the most professional and the least expensive one on the market ! Many thanks to Frederic and Dorian. Great training !

Nicolas AgzCommunity Member

Awesome teachers! Great community ! There is everything a beginner needs to learn about trading with very cheap and advantageous prices. There is no commitment and we can test FWA for free, it's really great ! "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now »

Cuong PhoCommunity Member

It's a revolution in the trading world

Romain BeneitoCommunity Member

A dynamic and efficient community that permanently evolves. I am learning more and more things every day about the trading world and the global situation, in general.

Virginie ThomasCommunity Member

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