FWA – Freedom and Wealth Architect – is a huge project initiated and propelled by ambitious people.

More than a society, it is a community, a vision, a new way of undertaking for your financial freedom
You too, become the Architect of your Freedom and your Wealth

The FWA project

FWA was established in April 2016
At the beginning of this ambitious company: two students and three objectives

✔️  Making trading accessible
Create what the trading market does not offer : a real community, stock analysts and professional investors, trading contents accessible to all, and a training adapted to the different rhythms of life

✔️ Complementary sources of income
Allow everyone to benefit from these quality contents and invest in stock

✔️ Promote Financial knowledge
Bring to everyone the essential knowledge for the present and for the future by developing a broader range of services in finance

The FWA team

Here are the members of our team working to bring our services to you

Robin Ratel – Cofounder

Graduate of a general engineering school, Robin is an autodidact and self taught entrepreneur at heart. Passionate about personal development and trading, he created the company FWA in April 2016 to offer everyone a way to lead them towards their financial independence.

Dorian Abadie – Fintech Entrepreneur & Stock Market Analyst

For more than 5 years, Dorian has been chief analyst for the XTB stockbroker, in Paris. He is a professional investor since 2011, his expertise focuses on short and medium-term investment on DAX30, EURUSD, USDJPY, Brent (oil) and Gold. Specialized in technical analysis, chartism and geopolitics, he created several trading training programs, including that of FWA that he feeds and develops every day. Dorian also works on TV Finance and has already appeared on BFM Business, Le Figaro, Agefi, etc.

Frédéric Denis – Professional & Profitable Trader

Frédéric Denis is a professional trader in own account using the price action. A teacher by training, he has been passionate over the years for the investment and development of companies over the long term as well as for a highly specialized type of trading. Expert in harmonic figures, he has developed his own recognized strategy for his results. He is also a scalping expert on DAX30 (CFD & Futures). Since 2017, he has been a trainer for FWA members, alongside Dorian.

The birth of FWA

Partie 1

2015 - 2016


Robin, a student-engineer, is passionate about personal development and by Robert Kiyosaki, a successful entrepreneur and creator of a financial independence school that offers trading services. Thenceforth, he is passionate about trading and joins, in parallel with his studies, the world of work ! He invested his first funds in trading and makes the encounter of his future partner.

At that time, the quality and free trading contents that Robin finds are in English and live broadcasted, at night in France. Apprentice trader at night and student engineer the day, the pace is complicated to hold. His first decisive action for FWA : take a sabbatical year at the end of his studies to fully devote himself to trading.

On the advice of his future partner, Robin joins the sales force of a company that offers services in trading. This is the opportunity to combine incomes and training but the content was a disappointment for Robin. That’s why, he continues to search on internet for the ideal offer and finally discovers live and free French contents, animated by a professional trader of a famous French broker. This is the first meeting with Dorian Abadie.

It was a real game changer !
The French trading market does not allow everyone to properly train online. But that was going to change.

✅ The FWA project emerges
The company is officially created in April 2016

FWA, trading community

Partie 2

2017 - 2018


The work is daunting, our ambition all the greater
To make FWA a reference in trading is not an easy feat

The first supports for the project are coming gradually, while services are only just being developed. A professional trader joins FWA in March 2017 but the offer is not yet complete enough to lead the company towards its ambitious goals.

Robin meets Dorian Abadie, the first French investment trainer he followed, while working for XTB. He joined the project and decided to support it : he convinced Frederic Denis, an independent professional trader, to join FWA in September 2017. Services are now entering a new dimension.

January 2018, Dorian Abadie joins the adventure : he leaves XTB and takes the lead of the FWA’s investment training with Frédéric.

Step by step, the training becomes denser and the contents multiply. Pedagogical contents, custom trading tools… the team spares no effort !

✅ FWA is becoming a reference for its trading services

FWA and financial education

Partie 3

2018 - 2019


Among FWA’s clients, two are quickly becoming potential partners. Florian Serbini and Alexandre Castro, co-founders of CSC, a wealth management firm.

There is immediate and mutual understanding with the co-founders of FWA: the same youth and an equal audience. Additionally, Florian and Alexandre owned additional services which benefited our FWA patrons.

The partnership between FWA and CSC is formalized in April 2018
With wealth management services, FWA is now enabling its members to learn how to maximize their revenues, in addition to teaching them how to generate them.

There are many other collaborations and partnerships, including the first-ever French partnership between a broker and a trading community, formalized in March 2019.

✅ The company is steadily moving forward and providing more and more useful services to its customers

FWA trusted partners

Those who allow us to provide you with a complete and outstanding service offer!
They are part of FWA

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