Endless possibilities

Do you wish to advertise our services on a large scale?

The more you recommend, the more you are rewarded. Go beyond the possibilities offered by the Customer Referral Program!


We give you access to increasingly attractive commissions as you accumulate sponsorships

Who is our Ambassador Program aimed at?

✔️ To all our customers convinced by our services
✔️ To those who want to boost their income sources, obtained through their own efforts and supported by a team
✔️ To those who have been selected and trained to represent the FWA services

Our gratitude for your recommendations has no limit

Become one of our Ambassadors and be rewarded as you deserve

More details

The process begins with your application for membership and the subsequent selection phase.

This preliminary step is necessary to preserve the quality of the FWA ambassador community and ensure a good environment for you. Don’t worry, nothing very complicated, this step happens quickly!

Once your selection is validated, you obtain your ambassador status, which entitles you to various financial benefits

Why this Ambassador Program?

✔️ We are proud to reward you for your efforts

✔️ We believe that these financial bonuses can facilitate your ability to invest in the stock market, for example. Your commissions are directly paid to your PayPal account. You are free to use them as you wish

A committed and enriching community

▶︎ Discuss with other Ambassadors and train together to present our company and our services

▶︎ Organize meetings and events that allow you to expand your professional and personal network

▶︎ Develop the skills you need with an optimal environment and a totally new training

FWA makes every effort to help you in achieving your own goals

A generous compensation plan

Your efforts will be rewarded.

According to the turnover you realize, alone or with your team, you can access a variety of financial benefits.

There are different types of financial benefits you can unlock, depending on the sales you make. Cumulate them, make them evolve and invest them as you wish!

A personalized program for you

You remain in control of the time you wish to devote to FWA and your objectives. We do not pressure you in any way, as you are totally independent of the company.

Whatever your level of involvement, you will be rewarded according to your results!