▶︎ What is FWA?

FWA is a company and more broadly a community that aims to make financial independence accessible to all. We offer various services that can help you expand your sources of income and optimize them.

▶︎ How can I contact the community?

To get a first idea of FWA, we invite you to consult our various public accounts on social networks: FacebookInstagramLinkedinYouTube.
You can also subscribe to our Telegram feed to keep you informed about the different topics we cover.
Finally, if you’d like to talk to members of our community and to learn more about what we do, join our Facebook group where all our clients are: Trader Factory

▶︎ Why offering a monthly subscription?

We have set up a monthly subscription to give you free and unrestricted access to the various services it includes, while allowing you to progress at your own pace, without pressure of time. Most of our clients work in parallel of their training and use FWA services during their free time.

Moreover, from one month to the next one, the training content is evolving ! Hence the interest of following us over time. By subscribing to the FWA Training Pack, you can access fixed learning contents – which can be consulted at any time – but also services whose content varies from one session to another : live trading (only in french, for the moment), daily market points, etc.

▶︎ What does the FWA Training Pack include?

Our monthly subscription includes access to our “Trading Club” as well as to our community and all our customer benefits.

With the Trading Club, you access our trading services whenever you want. This includes fixed content that aims to teach you the essential concepts of this activity, daily “live trading” with our trainer traders (only in french, for the moment), their live alerts, their stock market analysis, the possibility of contacting them as well as our training tunnel (quiz) that allows you to evaluate and confirm your progress.

Extra benefits included in your subscription:

  • Customer Referral Program and its various bonuses
  • Ambassador Program: help us in building our community around the world and earn many rewards
  • Continuous access to our community, a team where each person can benefit and help each other every day thanks to its diverse and varied profiles : employees, entrepreneurs, investors, traders, analysts, freelancers, students, retirees, etc.

▶︎ Can I suspend my subscription?

Your monthly subscription is free of engagement.

It can be canceled without charge and reactivated at any time in a few clicks from your personal space.

However, in case of unsubscription, if you wish to re-subscribe afterwards, you will have to pay again the subscription fees requested at the first payment.

▶︎ What is the rhythm of trading training?

The training is done at your own pace, according to your availability. You have access to all our self-service content as long as your monthly subscription is active.

However, live trading sessions (only in french, for the moment) are offered several times a week, among other exceptional and punctual contents. We advise you to follow these live training sessions as often as possible.

▶︎ Do I have to attend all live trading sessions?

We advise you to attend live trading sessions as often as possible to take full advantage of this unique content.

However, each member is free to manage his attendance according to his own objectives. If you miss a session, a replay of each content is available on your Back Office for one week.

If you miss a session, you unfortunately do not benefit from the community trading aspect of these grouped sessions, nor from the direct interaction with the trainer(s).

▶︎ Do I have to open a trading account by joining FWA?

FWA does not require you to open a trading account.

At the start of your training, however, we advise you to create a demo account, credited with fictitious funds. This account allows you to practice trading before switching to a real account, if you wish, without putting your finances in play.

FWA collaborates with several brokers partners who can put such demo accounts at your disposal.

▶︎ Is it risky to open a trading account?

We recommend that you inquire about the broker with whom you want to open a trading account. With a regulated broker, opening a trading account does not entail any risk.

Your money is available at any time, when you want it, and no trading order is automatically executed, except on your request to the broker.

▶︎ Why is my payment pending on PayPal??

PayPal regularly checks the payments made for your security. We do our best so that they do not impact your FWA activity.

If you want more information, we invite you to directly contact the PayPal customer service.

▶︎ Why my current month’s payment isn’t successful?

Several factors can prevent PayPal from using your payment method: bank security, bank limitation, bank overdraft, etc.

If you want more information, we invite you to directly contact the PayPal customer service.

▶︎ Why has my FWA subscription been canceled?

Depending on your payment methods validated on PayPal, certain changes and / or bank security may result in the cancellation of your FWA subscription. We invite you to directly contact the PayPal customer service, for more information.

If your subscription has been canceled, simply resume your subscription to keep your FWA account active. The properties of your FWA account will not be affected. Your previously unblocked services will be maintained, as well as your commissions and your network (for ambassadors).

▶︎ Why has my first payment been declined?

Some bank securities can block online payments.

If your payment attempt fails several times, we invite you to contact PayPal customer service for more information.

▶︎ How can PayPal charge fees (commissions) on payments?

To find out more about these fees, please click here

▶︎ How are my bank details processed?

When you subscribe to a FWA service, you must use a PayPal account which acts as a third party for the payment.

FWA does not have access to your bank details. You simply save them on your Paypal account (credit card, IBAN). Then, Paypal transfers your payment to FWA.

PayPal is the best known and safest Internet payment service in many EU and non-EU countries.

In case of payment concern, your financial intermediary is PayPal.

▶︎ How are my personal data processed (name, surname, email, etc.)?

FWA only uses your personal data for its own purposes. We use them to send you various information about FWA, its services and partners.

Your personal data can not be sold to a third party. They are stored in databases that are owned only by FWA.

In each of the communications you receive by email, you can unsubscribe from our contact list at any time.

You join one of our contact lists as soon as you subscribe to our services and / or if you subscribed to one of them via a registration form of a newsletter, an event, etc. Each of these registration forms gives you the framework in which we can contact you.

To learn more about the processing of your personal data, we invite you to consult our privacy policy.